Magicman London was my guest on today’s show. David showed me some incredible tricks on camera – I cannot work out how he made this happen. He keeps finding my card!!! We spoke about counting cards in black jack, how he took handcuffs from a policewoman, and throwing cards through the window of a London pub.


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0:00 – Intro
3:12 – What is magic?
8:42 – Making mistakes
11:10 – Improvising
14:05 – Throwing a pack of cards through a window
17:21 – The Paddle Trick
19:55 – The psychology of magic
23:55 – Do people get angry?
25:46 – Biggest inspiration
28:00 – Dirty-minded jokes
29:36 – Performance and confidence
34:03 – Watching other magicians
34:38 – Finding my card
41:51 – Social media magicians/David Blaine
50:01 – Inventing your own tricks
54:54 – More filthy jokes
57:51 – Becoming a great magician
1:00:08 – Stealing a policewoman’s handcuffs
1:02:57 – Finding my card again
1:09:25 – Best trick he has seen
1:13:07 – Advice for young magicians