Dr Andrew G. Huff, the former EcoHealth Alliance turned whistleblower was raided by the FBI and Michigan state police. During the raid they stole hard drives that contained data “used to create classified materials for the US government”. 

He believes that this was part of a harassment campaign from the US government as a result of the information he has been sharing regarding EcoHealth Alliance, Anthony Fauci, gain of function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Dr Andrew G. Huff is has spent the past two years trying to tell the world that Covid-19 could not have come from a sea-food market but instead leaked out of the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV). I was lucky enough to have him on my show to discuss his new book in which he delves into these issues and provides a host of new evidence.. 

However, the bombshell he dropped on me during our interview was even bigger. 

Huff did some research for the Department of Homeland Security Center of Excellence, where he got his PhD, on how they classified food and agriculture systems in terms of which ones were the most critical to the United States and how secure these facilities were (some of the work remains classified for obvious reasons). He created “the formulas, the methods, the rationale, the specific nuance, and all the detail of how you would attack these facilities.”

Andrew told me that during raids on his house by the FBI and Michigan state police, someone stole his “cookbook”, all the data and formulas he compiled and devised, from his safe. “It wasn’t classified,” he told me “but it was used to create top secret level information.

He reported this to the FBI, USDA, FDA, and DHS, but stunningly “no one has returned a phone call to investigate where these data went.”

Dr Huff has notified state attorney generals that “their basically classified information has been stolen and the federal government has refused to investigate it” and has also passed the information along to Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson’s office.

There were suspicions raised in some corners of the internet earlier this year about a string of incidents at critical food supply points including 12 fires at food warehouses and distribution centres. Naturally, any claims that these were part of a coordinated attack on the supply chain were thoroughly debunked, “Reuters did not find any evidence that the 2022 incidents were intentional or planned for the sake of creating food shortages, and fires at food processing plants are not uncommon. Past examples can be seen (here) (here) (here) (here) (here).”

However, Dr Huff has analysed the incidents and they were 70% correlated with his data set with a T score of 256 (a more sophisticated statistical test). He concluded that “ it’s basically impossible that these attacks were not derived from these data. So that means the drives that went missing from my house, were used to inform the attacks.”

The only other possibilities are that the data was stolen from the only other high-ranking military official with this dataset, or it was stolen from the Department of Homeland Security, or someone independently compiled the exact same dataset and analysis. 

However, Huff believes that the agents who raided his house have no idea what they took and instead to idly dispose of it, taking the hard drives just to get to him rather than as part of any investigation, “they got rid of it and it probably fell into enemy hands. That’s my guess.“

So in a bizarre turn of events, “Through the US government trying to harass me, intimidate me, into not speaking about what we’ve been talking about, They inadvertently probably released a highly sensitive data set into the open market and somebody has it.”

Watch the full interview below for more.