Tom Burgis is an award-winning investigative reporter focused on domestic and international financial crime and corruption. He has exposed major corruption scandals, covered terrorist attacks, coups and forgotten conflicts, and traced dirty money from the Kremlin to Washington. 

His first book, The Looting Machine, was published in 2015. It revealed how the exploitation of Africa’s vast natural resources condemns the continent to corruption, conflict and poverty. The New York Times called it a ‘brave, defiant book’. It won the Overseas Press Club of America’s award for the year’s best book on international affairs.

Kleptopia: How dirty money is conquering the world, his second book, was published in September 2020. It exposes the hidden connections that link a massacre on the Kazakh steppe and a stolen election in Zimbabwe to the City of London and, ultimately, the White House. Burgis reveals how the world’s kleptocrats – those who rule through corruption – are uniting and threaten to overwhelm democracy.

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