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Tag: tax havens

Chatter #267 – Tom Burgis on Dirty Money, Kleptocracy, and the Web of Global Financial Corruption

Tom Burgis is an award-winning investigative reporter focused on domestic and international financial crime and corruption. He has exposed major corruption scandals, covered terrorist attacks, coups and forgotten conflicts, and traced dirty money from the Kremlin to Washington.  His first book, The Looting Machine, was published in 2015. It revealed how the exploitation…

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Chatter #256 – Oliver Bullough – Butler to the World: How Britain Enables The Rich And Powerful

Oliver Bullough studied modern history at Oxford University and moved to Russia after graduating in 1999. He lived in St Petersburg, Bishkek and Moscow over the next seven years, travelling widely as a reporter for Reuters news agency. His last book, Moneyland was a great, if not a touch depressing, read – a…

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Chatter #195 [Live] – Robert Palmer: Pandora Papers And The Offshore World

One of the biggest stories of the year is the release of the Pandora Papers, whilst we may still be at the beginning of the releases, there is already a lot of stories catching the headlines so I thought it was a great chance to talk about the offshore world and tax evasion…

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Chatter #81 – Nicholas Shaxson on The Finance Curse

Nicholas Shaxson, author of The Finance Curse was my guest on today’s show. The Finance Curse lays out the case that an over-sized financial sector can be as much of a drain on a country’s economy as a resource like oil or copper, where one industry sucks money, talent, and investment out of…

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UK vs EU Tax Evasion Investigation

Two weeks ago, the EU revealed that they were set to launch an investigation into a British government scheme that could help multinational firms pay less tax. The EU believes that the special exemption for multinationals in Britain do not comply with EU competition rules as they allow them to pay less tax than…

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