Mr. Hagberg has more than 45 years experience in the Securities Industry. He has held senior level positions in operations, marketing and general management assignments and served on the boards of two highly successful financial services companies.

Mr. Hagberg is considered to be one of the nation’s leading experts on individual stock ownership programs. He has helped over 100 companies (including companies and government agencies in several Eastern European and Central Asian countries) to launch, improve or remarket programs aimed at customers, employees, existing stockholders and other affinity groups. He is also considered to be a leading expert on the proxy voting process and has served as Independent Inspector of Election, both in contested and uncontested situations, at over 300 annual and special meetings of shareholders.

He is the editor and publisher of The Shareholder Service Optimizer, a quarterly newsletter, the bi-annual OPTIMIZER Magazine, and the author of numerous articles published elsewhere. His plain-English publication, What Every Stockholder Needs to Know About “Registered” vs. “Street-Name” Ownership has been mailed by U.S. companies to nearly three million shareholders.

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