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Tag: short sellers

Chatter #156 – Lucy Komisar On The SEC, Regulatory Capture, And The Corruption Of Wall Street

Lucy Komisar’s beat is the secret underbelly of the global financial system — offshore bank and corporate secrecy — and its links to corporate crime; tax evasion by the corporations and the very rich; empowerment of dictators and oligarchs; bribery and corruption; drug and arms trafficking; and terrorism. Her dozens of articles on…

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Chatter #155 – Carl Hagberg on Short Sellers, Counterfeit Shares, and Shareholders Rights

Mr. Hagberg has more than 45 years experience in the Securities Industry. He has held senior level positions in operations, marketing and general management assignments and served on the boards of two highly successful financial services companies. Mr. Hagberg is considered to be one of the nation’s leading experts on individual stock ownership…

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