I’ve been having a lot of conversations with people about Bitcoin, DeFi, and other crypto-currencies and blockchain technology and about how they are going to change the world of finance. However, it wasn’t until I got the chance to read Beyond Bitcoin: Decentralised Finance and the End of Banks by Steven Boykey Sidley and Simon Dingle that I really understood the full scope of how this space threatens the world of finance, what exactly DeFi is, and how NFTs are going to be so much bigger than just some neat pictures. We covered alt-coins, shit coins, dogecoin, NFTs, DeFi, Ethereum, yeild farming, and so much more!

After over a decade of Bitcoin, which has now moved beyond lore and hype into an increasingly robust star in the firmament of global assets, a new and more important question has arisen. What happens beyond Bitcoin? The answer is decentralised finance – ‘DeFi’.

Tech and finance experts Steven Boykey Sidley and Simon Dingle argue that DeFi – which enables all manner of financial transactions to take place directly, person to person, without the involvement of financial institutions – will redesign the cogs and wheels in the engines of trust, and make the remarkable rise of Bitcoin look quaint by comparison. It will disrupt and displace fine and respectable companies, if not entire industries.

Beyond Bitcoin: Decentralised Finance and the End of Banks – https://amzn.to/3JM6xt4

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0:00 – Intro + ads

4:45 – What is decentralised finance/DeFi?

9:00 – Where did this new financial revolution start?

31:47 – What is the primary use of NFTs?

47:20 – Rise of the altcoins/shitcoins – are they all trash?

53:01 – Central Bank Digital Currencies

59:53 – Are governments capable of regulating crypto and NFTs?

1:03:58 – Is the DeFi revolution inevitable?