Jeffrey Peel is a former Conservative politician who worked to try to bring the Tories to Northern Ireland. In the last week, both England and Northern Ireland have lifted their covid restrictions, including the vaccine passports, allowing us all to get back to a little more of a normal life. Despite that, we’ve almost got war with Russia, ongoing disputes about the NI Protocol threatening to bubble over in NI (having already brought down the Executive), and we’ve got more and more information coming to light about the World Economic Forum (who will be getting a special podcast on Thursday) – the shady group that claims to have penetrated (their words not mine) most of the cabinets of the world. 

Jeffrey has worked for the UK Dept for International Trade, in market research and consulting, and consulted for a number of free market think tanks. He was also a regional business spokesperson for Vote Leave and Business for Britain and has appeared on numerous BBC programs including BBC Breakfast and the Nolan Show.

The Tale of Two Januarys – 

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