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Tag: central bank digital currency

Chatter #287 – Stuart Englert on Gold Market Manipulation, CBDCs and the End of the Financial System

Stuart Englert is a veteran newspaper reporter, magazine editor, and writer. He graduated from Indiana University’s School of Journalism in 1984 and worked on publications in Indiana, Idaho, and Tennessee before authoring his first book in 2015. Englert has published nine books, including six of his own titles: “Rigged: Exposing the Largest Financial…

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Chatter #241 [Live] – Johnny Vedmore: Who Are Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum?

The World Economic Forum is a group that has been at the centre of numerous wild theories and speculation regarding digital ID, CBDCs, and the global pandemic response. Johnny Vedmore is a Writer, Investigative Journalist & Phunter. He’s also Musician & a #420 Free Wales advocate! I wanted to get Johnny on the…

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Chatter #240 – Jeffrey Peel: England Lifts All Restrictions, NI Protocol, and the WEF

Jeffrey Peel is a former Conservative politician who worked to try to bring the Tories to Northern Ireland. In the last week, both England and Northern Ireland have lifted their covid restrictions, including the vaccine passports, allowing us all to get back to a little more of a normal life. Despite that, we’ve almost…

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