I always thought the phrase “the revolution will not be televised” was a cliche, until 2022 and the Canadian Truckers. There is something approaching a soft revolution happening in Canada right now, truckers, farmers, and other supporters drove a convoy of 10s of thousands across Canada to the capital and have blockaded the area surrounding the parliament for 3 weeks now. They have stated they will not leave until Trudeau resigns or the covid mandates and restrictions have been liften. The media and the Canadian government have claimed that these truckers are a fringe minority of racists, misogynists, and Nazis. They have asked the army to remove them and they refused, they asked the tow truck companies to tow them out and they refused. They have tried to deny truckers blocking a major border crossing to the US from Alberta access to food or water, they threatened to revoke licenses and arrest truckers at the border and in Ottowa – and still the truckers were unmoved, in fact, some rumours have suggested they are only growing in number. The fundraiser set up on Go Fund Me was halted after raising $10 million, so they turned to Bitcoin. The government has made honking and giving gas to truckers illegal, and so they revved their engines instead and the people brought more fuel than ever.

This story, regardless of whether you believe in their cause or not, is truly astounding. This is a battle, occurring in a developed country, where borders are being blocked and the capital city is being occupied and blockaded. And the wildest part yet, it’s barely been covered in the mainstream press, the legacy media are acting as if this incredible story is not happening – it’s unbelievable. So I wanted to get a Canadian who has been following this story to come on the show and go through the story with me. So I am happy to welcome back Greg Foss, who’s previously been on the podcast to talk about Bitcoin, debt, bonds and GME.

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0:00 – Media coverage of the Canadian truckers/Freedom

7:25 – Protests in Canberra/New Zealand/Canada

10:20 – Trudeau doesn’t understand finance

11:39 – Emergencies Measures Act/War Measures Act

15:01 – Positive energy at protests

20:12 – GoFundMe, Truckers and Bitcoin

29:35 – Is this the perfect example of why dictators hate Bitcoin?

36:43 – Financial turmoil

46:07 – Inflation

51:58 – Charter of Rights and Freedoms