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Tag: freedom

Chatter #237 [Live] – Greg Foss – Truckers vs Trudeau: The Story Of The Canadian Freedom Convoy

I always thought the phrase “the revolution will not be televised” was a cliche, until 2022 and the Canadian Truckers. There is something approaching a soft revolution happening in Canada right now, truckers, farmers, and other supporters drove a convoy of 10s of thousands across Canada to the capital and have blockaded the…

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Chatter #220 – Max Hillebrand On Privacy, Freedom, and Cypherpunk Philosophy

Max Hillebrand is free software engineer an economist who started reading Keynes when he was 9 and got into Bitcoin at the age of 16. He says “Bitcoin is for everyone”, even his grandmother runs a Lightning node. Max came across my radar as a Bitcoin enthusiast, but he really peaked my interest…

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Chatter #215 [Live] – Mike Yardley On Liberalism, Freedom, And Our Crumbling Political System

The values of freedom and liberalism are dying. Michael Yardley was born in Denmark and educated in England, Switzerland and the US. He has a psychology degree from London University, conducted post-graduate research into direct action and terrorism at the LSE, and is also a graduate of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Michael…

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Chatter #203 – Professor James Robinson – Why Nations Fail Part 1: Does Freedom Lead To Prosperity?

Why Nations Fail may be the best book I have read this year, so I was absolutely delighted when both of the authors agreed to speak to me on my podcast! This is the first of these interviews, with Professor James A. Robinson. The main idea that I took from the book was…

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Chatter #194 [Live] – Chris Martenson On Institutional Collapse and Disaster Capitalism

On this episode of Chatter I am speaking to Chris Martenson. I have been paying more and more attention to Chris’s channel Peak Prosperity as one of the best places to find calm analysis of the current state of the world. In this episode I wanted to speak to Chris about whether our…

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Chatter #137 – Jeffrey Peel on Vaccine Passports and The Balance Of Freedom And Safety

Express VPN 12 Months 35% off!! Jeffrey Peel is a former Conservative politician who worked to try to bring the Tories to Northern Ireland. He has worked for the UK Dept for International Trade, in market research and consulting, and consulted for a number of free market think tanks. He was also a…

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