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Nicholas Wilson, AKA Mr Ethical, came to notoriety as an HSBC whistle blower who alleged massive fraud amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars. Before he was sacked (after reporting HSBC for fraud) he became head of his department. He has over 30 years experience in consumer credit law, studied composition at the Royal College of Music, and have an MA from the Royal College of Art. The most recent work he has done is volunteering at my local Citizens Advice Bureau and as a consultant at leading human rights firm Leigh Day & Co, preparing a group action against HSBC, until a conflict of interest arose which brought that to an end. He has also started a new initiative Corruption UK – a site where members of the public can tell their stories about the endemic corruption which is crippling daily life in Britain. In this conversation we talked all about his fraud allegations and the semi-successful prosecution of HSBC, the revolving door in the British establishment, Greensil and David Cameron’s most recent scandal.

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