Paul Mason is a journalist, writer and film-maker. His latest book How To Stop Fascism: History, Ideology, Resistance describes the rise of the modern far-right, its colonisation of conservatism and right-wing populism, and the danger it poses amid the wider process of democratic decay. It argues that, faced with the danger of a second fascist era, the centre and left should unite around the defence of democracy and the rule of law, and for tough legislation to limit the activities and funding of fascist groups, and for the creation of a grass-roots anti-fascist ethos in society.

Paul is the author of seven books, including Postcapitalism (2015), Why It’s Kicking Off Everywhere (2012), Clear Bright Future (2019) and Rare Earth: A Novel (2011). As economics editor at both BBC Newsnight (2001-13) and Channel 4 News (2013-16) he won numerous awards, including RTS Specialist Reporter of the Year and the Wincott Award. He has been on the front line of covering the global financial crisis from 2007 onwards – but his work as a reporter ranged beyond economics: he reported from New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, the Taksim Square uprising in Turkey, the Gaza War of 2014 and from the floor of the Congress of the Communist Party of China when Xi Jin Ping was inaugurated.


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