Peter Reynolds, the President of CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform was our guest on today’s show. CLEAR have been campaigning for years to try to get the government to reform the way we treat cannabis. Momentum has been gaining over the past few years in this area. More than half of the states in America have made cannabis either medically or recreationally legal and Canada have since followed suit. Now with Brexit on the near horizon and the mass global destabilisation caused by the corona virus pandemic, there is a real possibility of reform in the near future.

I learned a lot from this conversation and I’m sure you will too. Embarrassingly for me, in a subject area I thought I was well versed in having written a few pieces for blogs in Canada, I was corrected a few times, but that’s definitely one of the joys of getting to do this podcast, it is the chance to be corrected. Every day is a school day.
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