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Tag: Weed

Chatter #217 – Alan Robinson (NI Cannaguy) on CBD, Legalisation And Medicinal Marijuana In The UK

Why can’t we get medicinal marijuana in the UK? The UK accounts for 70% of the export market around the world for medical cannabis and yet it seems there is no way to legitimately get a marijuana prescription. THANKFULLY, Alan Robinson, better known as NICannaguy on Instagram, is pushing the boat out and…

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Chatter #58 – Peter Reynolds on CLEAR and the Campaign For Cannabis Law Reform

Peter Reynolds, the President of CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform was our guest on today’s show. CLEAR have been campaigning for years to try to get the government to reform the way we treat cannabis. Momentum has been gaining over the past few years in this area. More than half of the states in…

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How The War On Drugs Failed

In this post, we feature an infographic titled “Why the War on Drugs has Failed” by Paul at Ocean Recovery Centre.  Ocean Recovery Centre is an alcohol rehab clinic in the United Kingdom. In this infographic, we outline why the War on Drugs has failed. We also outline positive alternatives that could help…

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The Economic and Social Benefits of Taxing Marijuana

With Prince William questioning UK drug policy and the Liberal Democrats reaffirming their commitment to making marijuana legal for sale in the UK, despite the appointment of Vince Cable as leader, we wanted to take a look at some of the key arguments for legalising and taxing marijuana in the UK. Irrespective of…

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5 Manifesto Policies That Could Benefit Britain

Regardless of who wins the 2017 General Election, these are some policies we have picked from the manifestos that we would like to see implemented regardless of the result. 8 Innovative Manifesto Policies That Could Improve Britain      Decriminalise Prostitution The Green Party has put forward a proposal to decriminalise prostitution, following UN and…

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