Why can’t we get medicinal marijuana in the UK? The UK accounts for 70% of the export market around the world for medical cannabis and yet it seems there is no way to legitimately get a marijuana prescription. THANKFULLY, Alan Robinson, better known as NICannaguy on Instagram, is pushing the boat out and has opened the very first medicinal marijuana cafe in Northern Ireland. Don’t be going in expecting to get an ounce of chronic though, he’s there to help people get access to a legitimate prescription, not to flog it himself – although he does sell CBD and a bunch of CBD infused coffees and oils.

Alan was kind enough to walk me through the legality of this situation in the UK and Northern Ireland, the campaign he has been on to get weed legalised for medical use, and the progress he has made.


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0:00 – Intro + Ads
4:20 – How/why did he start his cafe?
6:38 – Laws about CBD in Northern Ireland/UK
11:22 – The dangers of making drugs illegal
13:58 – Legal weed in Northern Ireland/UK – How to get a prescription
18:50 – The right moment for legalisation/vapes/paramilitaries running drugs
31:10 – Reaction from politicians
35:15 – UK is the biggest exporter of medical cannabis in the world
43:58 – Opposition to legalisation in Northern Ireland
51:25 – What can you get a prescription to treat?