Over the past weeks and months, I have endlessly heard about the migrant crisis in the channel and about untold numbers of refugees crossing into Britain in order to seek asylum. I have had so many questions about the crisis that are simply not mentioned or addressed by those who are covering the issue – whether than is the papers or the BBC. So I decided that the absolute best thing I could do, would be to have an expert on the show to discuss the issue and I was lucky enough to be able to talk through the refugee crisis, where they are coming from, the real process for seeking asylum, and much much more with Professor Heaven Crawley from Coventry University.

Heaven Crawley is Professor of International Migration at Coventry University’s Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations where she leads a team of researchers working on issues of migration, displacement and belonging. Heaven was previously head of asylum and immigration research at the UK Home Office and Associate Director of the Institute for Public Policy Research (ippr).

Over the past 25 years Heaven has worked with refugees and asylum seekers from a wide range of countries and backgrounds. Her main interests are in better understanding the experiences of forced migrants including the reasons why people feel compelled to leave their countries of origin, their experiences of the journey to their new country and how they adapt to the social, economic and personal challenges and opportunities that living in a new country inevitably brings.

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0:00 – Intro + Ads
4:52 – Professor Crawley’s Experience
9:14 – Refugees in Europe/ Dublin Regulation
13:27 – What is “asylum”/how and when can you seek asylum?
17:26 – How do reform the asylum system?
25:55 – The British public reaction to immigrants
29:57 – How do people seek asylum in the UK? Why can’t they go to the channel tunnel?
39:11 – Brexit
47:16 – Why do refugees want to come to Britain?
54:38 – Plans for reforms/fixes to the system