It’s time for more talk on the Metaverse! And for this Johnny McCamley, founder of CryptoClear, is back for round two on my podcast! Johnny is a fellow Northern Irishman who is making incredible strides in the crypto space. Not only did he achieve a 17x return from May to September on his trading portfolio, he is about to launch Europe’s first crypto ETI alongside a Swiss bank, investing in BTC, ETH, ADA and more. But that’s only the start, there’s plans for a DeFi fund and for a Metaverse fund. We also got deep into NFTs, the Metaverse, and we even planned to do a podcast direct from Decentraland!

Johnny McCamley is a crypto enthusiast from Northern Ireland and the founder of CryptoClear. CryptoClear was developed out of a passion to make Crypto Asset investing clear for everyone. They have developed a Members Area aimed at giving you all the knowledge to become a confident and successful long term investor in the Crypto Asset market. The 2 hour Course within the Members area and the additional features will teach you the complete A to Z of long term cryptocurrency investing.

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