This might be the most insane episode I have done to date. My guest today asked to remain anonymous, so I will just refer to him as James N. During some research I have been doing about psychological and information warfare, I came across the term Cyber Torture. Cyber Torture is a pretty vast term, but one example is the harassment experienced by Julian Assange. There is ongoing research and investigation being conducted on this topic, including work done by Nils Melzer in co-ordination with the UN, and there are thousands and thousands of reported cases of individuals experiencing organised harassment and targeting of individuals. Whether you choose to believe James or not in his own story, there are thousands of studied and documented cases of cyber torture and organised harassment. If you don’t believe that, check out the expansive list of sources and articles that I have added in the description below, this is not wild accusations based on the ravings of a few mental patients. The conversation goes to some seriously crazy places so strap yourselves in.

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Nils Melzer warns of rise of “cybertorture”:

Dr. John Hall – Gangstalking, surveillance, and Targeted Individuals:

Dr. Robert Duncan – discusses Targeted Individuals:

Dr. James Giordano – Brain Science from Bench to Battlefield: The Realities and Risks of Neuroweapons:

Dr. Jose Delgado – mind control experiments:

Voice to Skull Harassment Report in China:

Article on Voice to Skull Technology:

Washington Post – Report: Feds considered using ‘heat ray’ on DC:

China and Russia have weaponized Directed Energy Weapons on satellites:

Targeted individuals testifying at the Presidential Commission on Bioethics:

Journalist Suzie Dawson discusses being targeted by intelligence agencies:

Organized Harassment in Canada:

eBay stalking scandal:

Brainwashed Mk Ultra documentary:

UN call for submissions on psychological torture, including extensive input from targeted individual groups

Artificial Intelligence can read your brain waves to see what your eyes are seeing:

Main stream news covers a victim of organized harassment, including an example of a “black bag job”

Bill Binney discusses government control and directed energy weapons use against citizens:

NSA Whistleblowers Bill Binney and Kirk Wiebe discuss their targeted individual survey:

Attorneys Ray Shumann and Ann-Marie Anderson discuss organized harassment, Nils Melzer, and tackling these issues in court:

Soviet microwave assaults at US embassy

CIA operative assualted by invisible weapon

Historical versions of organized harassment:

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