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Tag: conspiracy

Chatter #102 – James Dionne on Unaccountable Power, Secret Societies, and Our Brave New World

James Dionne, author of Fahrenheit 1984: A Concerned Citizens Manifesto, was my guest on today’s show. I was put in touch with James after my episode on cyber torture was released, he’s a rap artist and author from Maine who has been a victim of organised harassment. I wanted to speak to him…

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Chatter #89 – James N on Cyber Torture, Organised Harrassment, and Psychological Warfare

This might be the most insane episode I have done to date. My guest today asked to remain anonymous, so I will just refer to him as James N. During some research I have been doing about psychological and information warfare, I came across the term Cyber Torture. Cyber Torture is a pretty…

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The Mysterious Disappearance Of Elisa Lam

In February 2013, 21-year-old Canadian student, Elisa Lam, was found dead in a water tank on the roof of the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles, California. A police investigation and public discussion have still yet to pinpoint the exact cause of death. So, what happened to Elisa Lam? In January 2013, Lam embarked…

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