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Chatter #262 – Cynthia McKinney: A Career Spent Fighting The System – From Civil Rights To Covid

Cynthia McKinney was the first African-American woman from Georgia elected to the United States House of Representatives in 1992. With a background in foreign policy, McKinney used her seat on the Armed Services and International Relations Committees to address human rights issues. She later left the Democratic party and ran for President as…

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Chatter #102 – James Dionne on Unaccountable Power, Secret Societies, and Our Brave New World

James Dionne, author of Fahrenheit 1984: A Concerned Citizens Manifesto, was my guest on today’s show. I was put in touch with James after my episode on cyber torture was released, he’s a rap artist and author from Maine who has been a victim of organised harassment. I wanted to speak to him…

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Why The Comey Hearing Changes Nothing, Yet

James Comey’s testimony set social media alight with some 19.5 million people tuning in to watch the former FBI Director testify before Congress. There was outcry as the public and numerous left leaning news outlets claimed that Comey’s testimony proved obstruction of justice and calls for impeachment were echoed again. But Comey’s testimony…

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