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Tag: conspiracy theories

Chatter #304 – Ben Joseph Stewart: Consciousness & Transcending Conspiracy Theories

Ben Joesph Stewart is a filmmaker/podcaster and all-round creative. He has created Awake in the Darkness, DMT Quest, Kymatica, Psychedelica, Charles Eisenstein Film, and the Ben Stewart Podcast! In this episode we went deep on consciousness, revolution, and how transcending conspiracy theories is the way forward in this messed up world. Ben believes…

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Chatter #273 – Alistair Williams: The Internet’s Most Censored Comedian Finds God & Conspiracies

I invited Alistair Williams on my podcast because I had seen some clips of him, most famous was his video about Brexit and Burger King. His self anointed title as the most censored comedian on the internet was also intriguing to me, as anyone who watches this show will know, I do like…

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Chatter #102 – James Dionne on Unaccountable Power, Secret Societies, and Our Brave New World

James Dionne, author of Fahrenheit 1984: A Concerned Citizens Manifesto, was my guest on today’s show. I was put in touch with James after my episode on cyber torture was released, he’s a rap artist and author from Maine who has been a victim of organised harassment. I wanted to speak to him…

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Chatter #89 – James N on Cyber Torture, Organised Harrassment, and Psychological Warfare

This might be the most insane episode I have done to date. My guest today asked to remain anonymous, so I will just refer to him as James N. During some research I have been doing about psychological and information warfare, I came across the term Cyber Torture. Cyber Torture is a pretty…

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