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Chatter #233 – Mark Solms – The Hidden Spring: A Journey To The Source Of Consciousness

Consciousness is one of the strangest parts of our universe. It’s a mind-bogglingly complicated and difficult topic to discuss seriously and almost impossible to measure, let alone define. Where on earth does consciousness come from? However, luckily for us Mark Solms amazing new book, The Hidden Spring: A Journey To The Source Of…

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Chatter #7 – Joe Scott on Simulation Theory, The Double Slit Experiment, and Becoming A YouTuber

Joe Scott is on today’s show to talk about his experience starting his YouTube channel, Answers With Joe, and a whole load of interesting bits of science and physics that he has covered on his channel, including the Double Slit Experiment, the Fermi Paradox, the Global Consciousness Project, and Simulation Theory. You can…

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What Can Westworld Teach Us About Artificial Intelligence and Consciousness?

Eventually, we will be able to simulate the human brain in all its glory, 86 billion neurons down to the last synapse. This eventuality leaves a rather large question mark over the issue of human consciousness; given that an artificial intelligence modelled on the human brain could theoretically have the same make up…

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