Activist Jose Vega went viral when he confronted AOC and then corporate journalists about the war in Ukraine. We also discussed the Democratic primary, RFK Jnr, Joe Biden and more.

Jose Vega is an activist known for confronting figures in the media and politics. One of his notable actions occurred at a Columbia University event called “FaultLines: Democracy”, a conference aimed at building a democratic press. During the event, Vega attempted to confront Joseph Kahn, the executive editor of The New York Times, who was participating on a panel.

Vega posed questions to Kahn about The New York Times’s coverage of the War in Ukraine and the Nord Stream pipelines. A video shared by Vega on his Twitter page shows security guards pushing him out of the room as he continued to question Kahn. Before being pushed to the floor by the guards, Vega shouted, “For being critical of this war — Goddammit,” and “And please say something about people in jail for being critical of this war.”


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