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Tag: big pharma

Chatter #66 – Dr David Belk on the True Scale of Corruption in the US Healthcare System

Our guest on this episode of Chatter was Dr David Belk, author of the book “The Great American Healthcare Scam: How Kickbacks, Collusion and Propaganda have Exploded Healthcare Costs in the United States”. In this eye-opening conversation we covered: The massive discrepancy between billing costs and what the insurance companies pay out. Why…

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West Virginia Is Being Crippled By The Opioid Crises

OK, not Heaven, almost Heaven. West Virginia to be exact, Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River, my home-sweet-home for a few short years. That beautiful dark and dusty state is in the grips of a brutal opioid epidemic.  It seems everyone knows at least someone who’s battling an opioid addiction, and everyone else tries…

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