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Chatter #249 – Raffaello Pantucci – Sinostan: How China Are Gaining Control Of Central Asia

Raffaello Pantucci is the co-author of the book Sinostan, alongside Alexandros Petersen. China’s rise is changing the world. Much attention has been given to how China’s geo-economic vision is playing out in the global economy, or how its technology is reshaping the planet, yet it is over its western borders, in Central Asia,…

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Chatter #95 – Dr Erkin Sidick on the Uyghur Genocide and Authoritarian China

Dr Erkin Sidick, was my guest on today’s show. Dr Sidiq is a Sr. Optical Engineer in space optical technologies at NASA, president of Uyghur Projects Foundation, and an activist for saving Uyghur language and culture. Right now, the Chinese government is in the middle of committing genocide on the scale of the…

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Chatter #74 – Anthony Dapiran on Hong Kong’s Protest Movement and Their History

Anthony Dapiran, author of the books City of Protest: A Recent History of Dissent in Hong Kong and City on Fire: The Fight for Hong Kong was my guest on today’s show. We covered the Hong Kong protest movements that have unfolded over the past two decades, their ongoing struggle with authoritarian China…

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