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Tag: comedy

Chatter #296 – Anthony Jeannot: Grifters Are The F*cking Worst (Feat Max the Cat)

Anthony Jeannot is a comedian and podcaster from Australia! In this episode we talked about grifters, Elon buying Twitter – why people are over-reacting, farmers and comedy! Featuring special guest Max the cat licking himself for the last 20 minutes… TICKETS FOR ANTHONY JEANNOT – —————————————————– DONATE and help the channel…

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Chatter #280 – Konstantin Kisin on Triggernometry, Comedy and An Immigrant’s Love Letter To The West

Konstantin Kisin is a Russian-British comedian, podcaster, writer and social commentator. He made international headlines in 2018 by refusing to sign a university “behavioural agreement form” which banned jokes about religion, atheism and insisted that all humour must be “respectful and kind”. He is also the creator and co-host of the TRIGGERnometry YouTube…

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Chatter #259 – Sooz Kempner – There’s C*nts Everywhere: Parody, Partygate and Nadine Dorries

Sooz Kempner is an actress, singer, and stand up comedian. Sooz became quite well known online for her parodies of Liza Minelli reading Donald Trump’s speeches and Nadine Dorries – our bizarre Culture Minister.  We got into a lot of talk about the backlash against comedians like Dave Chappelle, Jimmy Carr, and Ricky…

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Chatter #185 – Rosie Holt On Comedy, Expectations Of Women, and Cancel Culture

As a comic she was a finalist in the Leicester Square New Comedian of the Year, Bath New Act and Amused Moose New Comic stand up competitions. She won the So You Think You Write Funny? competition and has written and performed in her own shows at the Edinburgh Fringe including Fall Girl,…

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Chatter #118 – Ruairi Woods on Comedy, Northern Ireland, and Podcasting

Ruairi Woods, Northern Irish comedian and host of the Woods Talk podcast was my host on today’s show. We talked about his first experience in comedy, the worst type of comedy, what we should be laughing at that we aren’t and our plans to punch Steven Nolan for the PayPal donations and write…

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Chatter #94 – Dave Elliott on the Art of Comedy and Life as a Comedian

Dave Elliott, the Northern Irish comedian, was my guest on today’s show. Dave has become in his own words, almost an elder statesman of the Northern Irish comedy scene, having been around for 7 or 8 years now. He’s completed his first big tour entitled Dad (a rip off of Michael Jackson’s Bad…

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