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Tag: Pollution

Chatter #106 – Katy McCoy and Kate Rowley on Microplastics

Microplastics are everywhere. Absolutely everywhere. Tiny little particles of plastic that break off from plastics in our clothes, rubbish, packaging, and basically anything plastic. But how much danger to they pose to humans, wildlife, or ecosystems? To discuss this I was lucky enough to get to chat to scientists Kate Rowley and Katy…

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Free Public Transport For Under 25s Could Transform A Generation

Last year we had a conversation with Northern Irish MLA Kelly Armstrong about her attempts to breathe new life into public transport in Northern Ireland. The main issue was and remains that using the bus or train isn’t seen as the natural option for anyone with access to a car. Public transport is…

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Trees Are The Most Cost Effective Way To Fight The Effects Of Climate Change

Reforestation is often dismissed as a realistic way of fighting climate change, the scale of co-ordinated planning and resources required is considered to be much too large and almost impossible to achieve in a realistic time scale. In 2000, a special report on the effects of tree planting found that trees could remove around 1.1–1.6…

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