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Johnny McCamley – “The Crypto Asset market is still in it’s infancy and around 1% of what it will be in the future”

This is the first of a thought leadership series on the future of money, cryptocurrency, and finance. Johnny McCamley is the Founder at CryptoClear and a Crypto Asset Portfolio Manager. 1. What is driving the current crypto boom? A few things: Fear- FOMO- Fear of Missing Out- as those who do not own…

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Chatter #145 – Thomas Barlow On Bywire News, Decentralised Media, And The Future Of Journalism

Express VPN 12 Months 35% off!! Thomas Barlow is the co-founder and project manager at Bywire News. Bywire News is a world first, revolutionary democratic platform where you can read news that you know you can trust. They have partnered with many of the most popular independent media Publishers and Creators from across…

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