InterPop hosted an event called “Block Party” over the past weekend for the launch of their new NFT comic series “Emergents’ The Nine”. The event was held in an online interactive world that really brought back the pre-pandemic conference feel. The online world hosted on Topia allowed guests to explore, view art, attend discussions and interact with other guests. The discussions centred around the opportunities that NFTs are providing to artists, the Emergents Universe and its accompanying trading card game (TCG). It was a great opportunity to meet artists and writers from the community and understand how they are utilising blockchain technology in this unique way.

InterPop is a gaming and collectibles company that plan to redefine the future of NFTs. Brian David-Marshall is leading this new team of veterans from the comics and gaming industry that are building on the Tezos blockchain. The Emergents TCG is where the journey into the NFT space began but InterPop are also creating its own digital comic universe. The first of which was revealed at the Block Party event; “Emergents’ The Nine”.

Emergents’ The Nine

Emergents’ The Nine is the first NFT comic series they are releasing and “The Nine #0” was available for free as part of the swag bag for event attendees. The debut issue is written by Will Pfeifer with cover and interior art by Steve Ellis. Additional NFT variant covers include art by Amanda Conner, Colleen Doran, David Lapham, Bill Sienkiewicz, and more.

Initially the each edition of the series will be free to read online with the option to purchase the edition as an NFT. Holders of the comic series’ NFTs will get to vote on and decide various aspects of the story and even characters outfits. This innovative idea presents a way to engage comic fans in a meaningful way.

Emergents’ TCG

InterPop are also releasing a trading card game based on the Emergents universe. The cards will be minted as NFTs allowing players to customise their deck by buying, trading and selling their cards using the Tezos blockchain. The TCG is planned to launch in early 2022, however some cards are available to purchase now on their new NFT marketplace ‘MinterPop’. The marketplace will have primary and secondary markets for collections from the Emergents universe. The marketplace is also currently listing limited edition artwork from the Emergents universe. If this has peaked your interest be sure to head over to and check it out.

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