The civil war raging within the bitcoin community is one that I first came across in my interview with Brad Mills. Kurt Wuckert Jr is a strong advocate for Bitcoin cash and has written extensively in support of BSV, in opposition to many Bitcoin Maximalists like Anthony Pompliano. So I wanted to get Kurt on the show to talk me through the difference between BTC and BSV and to explain the civil war raging within this community!

Kurt is an entrepreneur from Chicago with experience in bitcoin mining, business management, and cybersecurity. As CoinGeek’s Chief Bitcoin Historian, Kurt is a wealth of knowledge on all things blockchain, and he has the unique ability to make complex ideas easy to understand. Kurt is never afraid to engage in a fiery debate, and his editorials are unapologetic while also being fair and fun to read. He is also the host of the CoinGeek Weekly Livestream!

His Bitcoin journey started in 2012, and he has been an active, public advocate for Satoshi’s Vision of big-block Bitcoin since the beginning of the Bitcoin Civil War. Whether in print, spoken word, video appearances or on stage. He is a frequent host, co-host and special guest across the blockchain media space, and is a fearless advocate for the unbounded Bitcoin protocol.

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