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Tag: bitcoin cash

Chatter #202 [Live] – Kurt Wuckert Jr. On El Salvador, Bitcoin Cash, and The Bitcoin Civil War

The civil war raging within the bitcoin community is one that I first came across in my interview with Brad Mills. Kurt Wuckert Jr is a strong advocate for Bitcoin cash and has written extensively in support of BSV, in opposition to many Bitcoin Maximalists like Anthony Pompliano. So I wanted to get…

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First Bitcoin Futures ETF Approved – Becomes Fastest Fund Ever To Reach $1 Billion

The first Bitcoin Futures ETF to be approved by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission began trading on Tuesday. It has become the fastest fund ever to reach $1 billion in assets under management (AUM). The previous record-holder was a gold-based ETF with the ticker GLD, which took 3 days to hit $1…

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Chatter #160 – Brad Mills on the Bitcoin Lightning Network, El Salvador and Ross Ulbricht

Brad Mills is a life long entrepreneur, with a focus on product development & marketing. Involved with bitcoin since 2011 as a miner, entrepreneur & investor, Brad is a Value Maximalist at his core. He’s also the host of the wonderful Magic Internet Money Podcast. If you haven’t already and you enjoyed this…

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Chatter #144 – Paul Sztorc On How Bitcoin And Crypto Could Change The World And Replace Physical Money

Express VPN 12 Months 35% off!! Paul Sztorc is an independent Bitcoin researcher and developer, chief scientist at Truth Coin and the leading mind behind Drive Chain. This is the first of many conversations I am going to be having about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency over the next few months and was a great…

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