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What Is A Smart Contract?

Traditional contracts In order to understand what smart contracts are and how they can be used, we should first define what a traditional contract is. A contract can be broadly defined as a promise or performance given in exchange for a promise or performance. Traditionally this involves an offeror making a specific offer…

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InterPop Block Party: How NFTs Are Transforming The Digital Art World

InterPop hosted an event called “Block Party” over the past weekend for the launch of their new NFT comic series “Emergents’ The Nine”. The event was held in an online interactive world that really brought back the pre-pandemic conference feel. The online world hosted on Topia allowed guests to explore, view art, attend…

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First Property Sold As An NFT

Earlier this month a studio apartment in Kyiv, Ukraine was sold at auction as an NFT. The auction was held on 9th June 2021 by Propy Inc., a real estate transaction platform. A 27 hour long bidding war ended in a winning bid of 36 ETH (approx $93,000 at time of sale). This…

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Blockchain Oracles – Chainlink: The Answer To The Oracle Problem?

What is an Oracle The word oracle originates from ancient Greece; referring to a female priest who served as a medium for relaying advice from a God. In ancient times, an oracle was consulted to gain information beyond peoples understanding. A blockchain oracles function isn’t all that different. Blockchains and smart contracts cant…

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“Social media will see the biggest transformation via blockchain technology” – Kai Morris

This is a part of our thought leadership series on the future of money, cryptocurrency, and finance. Kai Morris is a technical copywriter from Hertfordshire (United Kingdom), focusing on blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, AI, and ethics. His interest in these industries arose from my academic studies (Law & Philosophy), where he learned how much…

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Chatter #145 – Thomas Barlow On Bywire News, Decentralised Media, And The Future Of Journalism

Express VPN 12 Months 35% off!! Thomas Barlow is the co-founder and project manager at Bywire News. Bywire News is a world first, revolutionary democratic platform where you can read news that you know you can trust. They have partnered with many of the most popular independent media Publishers and Creators from across…

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