Ted Reese is a Marxist and the author of: Socialism or Extinction, Humanising Production, and the upcoming book The End of Capitalism: The Thought of Henryk Grossman. In this podcast Ted and I talked through the left wing or “Marxist” case against more covid restrictions, particularly the vaccine passports. We talked about why a lot of the left fail to see the damage being caused by lockdowns, the true reason for the struggling NHS, and the lack of opposition from the left about the dangers of vaccine passports.

For anyone interested, I’m going to have several people from the other side of this issue on the show in January! It can sometimes be difficult to convince people to have that kind of discussion, hence why it has taken time to do this.


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0:00 – Intro + Ads
2:49 – Why don’t the left seem to care about the damages of lockdowns etc?
8:00 – Parasite stress and covid
13:00 – The authoritarian right benefits from lockdowns
15:58 – No early treatment protocol for covid
21:49 – Fusion of state and corporations
30:08 – Vaccine passports are discrimination
36:00 – Corporate virtue signalling/Don’t trust corporations
50:32 – The crisis of neoliberalism