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“I would have voted for Hillary, then I got red-pilled by Covid…”

In this clip Esther Krakue and I discussed my journey from serious lefty, to someone very skeptical of government power, that was kicked off by covid! Watch the full interview here – —————————————————– DONATE and help the channel grow –  PRE-ORDER MY GAMESTOP BOOK –  Buy Brexit: The Establishment Civil…

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Chatter #292 – Esther Krakue: Problems With Modern Britain, Gender Differences & True Conservatism

Esther Krakue is a writer and broadcaster whose work has been featured in the Daily Mail, the Daily Express and Spiked Online. Esther started her career as a key contributor for the Conservative student grassroots organisation, Turning Point UK. She has appeared on Sky News, ITV, LBC, Talk Radio and GB News and…

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Chatter #224 – Ted Reese: The Marxist Case Against More Covid Restrictions

Ted Reese is a Marxist and the author of: Socialism or Extinction, Humanising Production, and the upcoming book The End of Capitalism: The Thought of Henryk Grossman. In this podcast Ted and I talked through the left wing or “Marxist” case against more covid restrictions, particularly the vaccine passports. We talked about why…

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Chatter #52 – Jackson Rawlings on Covid-19 and How Modern Democracy Can Change

Jackon Rawlings is our guest on today’s show. We last interviewed Jackson in the summer of 2018 and now he is back to discuss his new project “This Modern Philosophy”. We discuss the Corona virus, the government response, and how this crisis could change (or not change) how politics and society operate. Resources…

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Chatter Episode 51 – Doire Finn and Aŕon Hughes on Our Future Our Choice and Misunderstanding the Irish Border

Doire Finn and Aŕon Hughes from Our Future Our Choice Northern Ireland were our guests on today’s show. We discussed their experience campaigning as a part of OFOC NI, how British politicians understand (or fail to understand) the Irish border, the possibility of a border poll, and where they think we are heading….

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A List Of Alleged Conservative Lies, Corruption, and Incompetence

In a recent piece, we discussed the lack of consequences for corruption, lies, or incompetence in modern politics. We listed a few examples, but in an attempt to give context to our claims of corruption and establishment favouritism and nepotism, here is a brief (but not exhaustive list) of some of the scandals…

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