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Chatter #230 – Dr Brian Klaas on Corruptible: Who Gets Power And How It Changes Us

Does power corrupt? Or do those prone to corruption end up in power? It’s an age-old question answered by Dr Brian Klaas in his brand new book “Corruptible: Who Gets Power And How It Changes Us”. I was lucky enough to get a copy and read the book over Christmas. In the middle…

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Chatter #228 – Otto English on Creeping Authoritarianism and Extreme Polarisation In UK Politics

There have been several disparate but converging forces operating within the UK over the past few years – a creeping authoritarianism, increasing polarisation and politicisation, and the pandemic and all it’s associated problems. The issue for me is that too often the first two are dismissed as irrelevant due to the pandemic, when…

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Chatter #224 – Ted Reese: The Marxist Case Against More Covid Restrictions

Ted Reese is a Marxist and the author of: Socialism or Extinction, Humanising Production, and the upcoming book The End of Capitalism: The Thought of Henryk Grossman. In this podcast Ted and I talked through the left wing or “Marxist” case against more covid restrictions, particularly the vaccine passports. We talked about why…

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Why I Wrote My Book and What I Learnt

When I began writing my book, it was difficult to imagine ever being able to finish it. It seemed like such a daunting task. During the process I went back and forward almost weekly on how possible it was going to be. Every time I thought I had a grasp on the material…

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