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Tag: philosophy

Chatter #233 – Mark Solms – The Hidden Spring: A Journey To The Source Of Consciousness

Consciousness is one of the strangest parts of our universe. It’s a mind-bogglingly complicated and difficult topic to discuss seriously and almost impossible to measure, let alone define. Where on earth does consciousness come from? However, luckily for us Mark Solms amazing new book, The Hidden Spring: A Journey To The Source Of…

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Chatter #70 – Jonas Salzgeber on Stoicism and Bio-Hacking

Jonas Salzgeber, author and bio-hacker, was our guest on today’s show. I first came across Jonas having read his book, The Little Book of Stoicism, which he co-wrote with his brother. It really helped me find a really positive way of looking at the lockdown and using the time as best I could….

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Chatter #52 – Jackson Rawlings on Covid-19 and How Modern Democracy Can Change

Jackon Rawlings is our guest on today’s show. We last interviewed Jackson in the summer of 2018 and now he is back to discuss his new project “This Modern Philosophy”. We discuss the Corona virus, the government response, and how this crisis could change (or not change) how politics and society operate. Resources…

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Chatter Episode 11 – Luke Pollard On The Philosophy Of Life, Rick and Morty, and Game of Thrones

Philosophical YouTuber Luke Pollard of The Cogito was our guest on today’s show. We got to cover the philosophy of life, death, political polarisation, mass incarceration, mass surveillance, as well as Rick and Morty and Game of Thrones (SPOILERS). SPONSORS Beer52 £10 Off Win A £500 Amazon Voucher Earn Money From YouGov Surveys…

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