Bob Moriarty is a former US Marine and fighter pilot who served in Vietnam. He is also the founder of and the author of 10 different books! Bob explained to me his belief that the Russians have already won the war in Ukraine, that Europe will soon face a massive refugee crisis as Ukrainians flee their country, and that Russia and China are planning a new currency backed by gold as a challenge to the Western Fiat money system that is collapsing before our very eyes!–ukraine-has-deployed-120-000-troops-on-the-border-with-donbass.ryYtP-F0K.html


0:00 – Ads & intro

8:12 – The world will change more in the next year or two than it has in the last 50

14:20 – Why is the war not Russia’s fault?

24:08 – Aren’t Ukraine winning the war?

29:58 – Revolutions are coming

33:51 – Economic reponse to covid was pouring gasoline onto fire

42:30 – Failure of journalism

54:12 – Gaslighting from the mainstream

1:04:32 – How will the debt based system end?

1:15:44 – The Fourth Turning


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