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Tag: fiat money

Chatter #307 – Jeff Eder on Sovereign Money: “Inflation Is Not Caused By Government Spending”

Jeff Eder is a cofounder of Progressive Money Canada (PMC) and advocates for money creation for the public good by empowering the Bank of Canada with oversight from Parliament and the public. —————————————————– DONATE and help the channel grow –  PRE-ORDER MY GAMESTOP BOOK –  Buy Brexit:…

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Chatter #302 – Bob Moriarty: Ukraine, The Death Of Fiat Money, & The End Of Europe

Bob Moriarty is a former US Marine and fighter pilot who served in Vietnam. He is also the founder of and the author of 10 different books! Bob explained to me his belief that the Russians have already won the war in Ukraine, that Europe will soon face a massive refugee crisis…

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