This is a very exciting moment, the release of my 100th episode! We’ll have releases for you every day this week to celebrate this momentous occasion – I have officially spent over 100 hour talking rubbish on podcasts with a vast range of incredible guests and I’d like to say thank you for anyone who listened over the past 3 years, I hope it wasn’t too painful and that my podcasting has improved since episode one with Jen Senko. My guests today are Colin St. John and Milan Kordestani from The Doe. The Doe is a fantastic website dedicated to allowing people to tell anonymous stories without fear of repercussion and is something that I believe is incredibly important in today’s society where whistleblowers are demonised, doxxed, or harassed. If you haven’t already check out their website and give them a follow on Instagram, their graphics are as stunning as the stories!

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