Costs of War Calculate that the post-9/11 wars cost more than $8 trillion, the lives of 929,000 people (including 387,000 civilians) and created 38 million refugees.

Stephanie Savell is a public anthropologist who researches militarism, security, and civic engagement in relation to the United States post-9/11 wars and policing in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As Co-Director of Costs of War, she serves as editor of the project’s research papers and executive director of operations. Savell’s global map of U.S. counterterrorism operations has been featured by USA Today, BBC World News, and Smithsonian magazine, among others.

In this episode, we discussed the Costs of War – their calculations on the cost of the war in Afghanistan, the larger and broader effects of war on veterans, societies, culture, and the wellbeing of communities on a multi-generational scale – not to mention the massive exploitation of the military budget to funnel money into the hands of private military contractors.

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