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Tag: ptsd

Chatter #290 – Dr John A. King and Melissa King on PTSD: Living and Coping With Trauma

Dr. John A. King is an author, poet, long-time activist and founder of the Give Them a Voice Foundation in Texas, which he launched in 2015 to provide advocacy, support, resources and rescue for those who have been sexually abused or trafficked. He has appeared in two multi-award winning documentaries, and is a…

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Chatter #289 – Stephanie Savell on The Costs Of War: From Afghanistan To Ukraine

Costs of War Calculate that the post-9/11 wars cost more than $8 trillion, the lives of 929,000 people (including 387,000 civilians) and created 38 million refugees. Stephanie Savell is a public anthropologist who researches militarism, security, and civic engagement in relation to the United States post-9/11 wars and policing in Rio de Janeiro,…

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