Dr Briant is one of the key researchers who uncovered the Cambridge Analytica scandal in 2018, with two books and two major documentary films, she is an internationally recognized expert on information warfare and propaganda. Films her research featured in include Oscar-shortlisted Netflix film The Great Hack and People You May Know.

As Associate Researcher at Bard College she has an extensive background as a professor in information operations, propaganda and human rights. Dr Briant analyzed the coordination and increasing impacts of the digitalization of defense propagandaPropaganda and Counter-Terrorism: Strategies for Global Change (Manchester University Press, 2015). She spent 13 years researching SCL Group and Cambridge Analytica, has mapped their worldwide clients and was central in revealing their wrongdoing in 2018 – this research formed the basis for important evidence submitted to the UK Parliament, US Congressional Committees and Testimony for the European Parliament among other public inquiries and for advising policymakers and Big Tech executives. Dr Briant’s first book was Bad News for Refugees, (Pluto Press, 2013, co-authored with Greg Philo and Pauline Donald), which examined UK political and media discourse on migration prior to ‘Brexit’.

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