The economy seems to be at a point where leading companies are either dominating the entire market or being dismantled slowly by startup companies. The way we shop, work, dine out, and interact with friends was changing before Covid-19. The pandemic has fueled the fire for acceptance of new technologies and how we got about our lives. There are many new companies, angel investors, and venture capital firms in the business of giving money to new companies in hopes they are eventually bought out or go public. 

There isn’t a sector of the economy that is not at risk for disruption by small startups or tech companies using their influence to steal market share. Tech companies are behind most cases of innovation. It doesn’t take a proprietary tech device to change our thinking about an industry; software and programs that make businesses more effective are also helping small companies climb the bean stock and defeat the giant, incumbent companies.


Telework was a frequent occurrence before the Covid-19 pandemic but has now become the new normal. The Internet’s basic tools are great tools for working away from your coworkers, but email and instant chat aren’t always the most effective methods of conducting business. Video calls have helped build personal connections between coworkers that text-based communication can’t always convey. There are advantages to remote work that will encourage ambitious minds to increase the features of these services. Since the beginning of Covid-19, video chats have added desirable features such as changing your background, noise cancellation, and muting entire rooms for large meetings. 

Organizations are using collaboration programs to increase productivity and keep employees on the same page. Full stack developers don’t have to reach out to UX/UI designers to know if the website design is complete. They just slide it over to their column and the full stack developer can get to work. These apps save the hassles of sending emailed attachments or shared links without edit access. 

Car Buying

Car dealerships have implemented incredible technological feats to enhance the buyer’s experience to get sales. 3D interviews, videos of vehicle performance, and the ability to design your own features have attracted car buyers to get exactly what they want. Still, these new features haven’t taken away the salesperson receiving a commission. A new trend is car buying services that bring the dealership to you and without the salesperson. Some detractors are quick to point out that these services take away jobs, but these virtual car dealerships are hiring drivers, auto mechanics, and mobile app developers

Financial Planning

Money is a hard thing to talk about, especially with professionals. We don’t want to admit we aren’t saving enough or spend too much visiting Starbucks each week. App-based financial services are taking the shame out of using our money to its full potential. Using algorithms based on questionnaires, financial planning companies can give you a financial plan based on your current situation. While they can be tools to create financial stability, they can also harm those who invest irresponsibly in the start market. Financial planning and investing companies are continually looking for ways to optimize their business with computer science applications and technologies. 

Health Monitoring

Health care and tech are growing at tremendous rates compared to other sectors. Technology is helping doctors to detect cancer and diseases earlier. Health technology isn’t exclusive to hospitals; it’s on our wrists and in our pockets. Motion sensors, accelerometers, and heart rate indicators are in smartwatches and other wearable tech. People can keep track of their heart rate, sleep patterns, and oxygen levels by simply checking an app linked to their watch. This helps consumers detect abnormalities earlier and notice illnesses before symptoms appear.

Some companies have gone as far as getting their wearable tech approved by the FDA. The capabilities of these devices are only increasing. Amazon is entering the wearables market with a wristband with a new feature that measures your voice to determine your mood. While wearable medical devices are a new industry, they enhance traditional healthcare methods and help save lives. 

All Companies Will Become Tech Companies

At the current rate of disruption, all companies who want a share of the market in the future will have to invest heavily in technology. There are many paths you can take to get a computer science job.