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Chatter #258- The Butcher Of Wall Street -MOASS Is Coming: Gamestop, Taiwan & Executive Order #13959

Marcel Kalinovic AKA The Butcher Of Wall Street was my guest on today’s show. In this show Marcel and I discussed the possibility of Taiwan being invaded by China, Executive Order #13959 and why it might trigger some mad price action around meme stocks, the GameStop saga, how he came to the GameStop…

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Chatter #208 – Julian Winkler: How Ideas Spread On Reddit And Wall Street Bets

Julian Winkler is the co-author of the paper “Reddit’s self-organised bull runs: Social contagion and asset prices” about the subreddit Wall Street Bets. The paper makes a “theoretical case for how ‘hype’ among retail investors can drive large asset fluctuations”. The paper was written before the GameStop Saga kicked off, but the interesting…

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Chatter #182 – Jamie Curran (AKA Tradespotting) On GameStop, The Apes, And Financial Revolution

Jamie is the host of the YouTube channel Tradespotting and has been my most requested guest of all time I believe! He describes himself as a pro trader preaching kindness and teaching self-empowerment. His technical understanding of markets tops anyone I’ve had the opportunity to speak to on this topic and the conversation…

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GameStop: How Do The Media Maintain Credibility?

The past 18 months have opened my eyes in ways I could not have imagined. I would say I’m taking the red pill, but that has been co-opted as a phrase by the same people who took the word woke – to paraphrase Homer Simpson, that used to be our word. Regardless, I…

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Chatter #171 – Mo Hormozzadeh On Escaping Iran, GameStop, And Price Manipulation

Mo Hormozzadeh is a CFA level 3 candidate, holds a Masters degree in Financial Engineering, from NYU, and a Bachelors in Economics. He fled Iran after being arrested for publishing magazines on his university campus speaking out against the government that led to him spending 16 days in jail and being expelled from…

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Chatter #167 – LIVE STREAM with Houston Wade and William Steele on GameStop, #ToTheMoonBook and more!

This Livestream with Houston Wade and William Steele from the Stonk News Network will see me and my guests discussing the GameStop story to date and the topics I am addressing in my book! HELP ME CROWDFUND MY GAMESTOP BOOK. Go to or join the crowdfunding campaign and pre-order my next book…

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