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Chatter #154 – Mulligan Brothers on Superstonk, GameStop, and the Apes Together Strong Documentary

Quinn Mulligan is a singer-songwriter from Portland, Oregon. Quinn first saw local acclaim while playing with his band, Fanno Creek and has since recorded extensively as a solo artist, recording 12 albums in 12 months in 2018. Quinn works with his brother Finley Mulligan to create commercial film work as well as short…

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Chatter #149 – Andrew Mo Money On Short Squeezes, Reddit Manipulation, And Retail Investor Power

Express VPN 12 Months 35% off!! YouTuber Andrew Mo Money is todays guest! He is a self described millennial money Batman if his utility belt only had nerdy gadgets to make and save money. As a 26-year-old cryptocurrency data scientist in Silicon Valley that built 9 streams of passive income in 2020, he…

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Chatter #147 – Jackson Hunter On The AMC Short Squeeze, GameStop, And The Power Of The Reddit Community

Express VPN 12 Months 35% off!! Jackson Hunter is a musician, YouTuber, and AMC and GME enthusiast. He came to investing towards the end of last year, beginning by trading options, and eventually (like most of us in this saga) was drawn to AMC and GME when he realised the true scale of…

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Tendies For All: What The Media Are Missing About The GameStop Saga

It’s More Than Just Memes And Bad Jokes “If Wall Street is occupying President Obama’s State Department and the halls of Congress, it’s time for the people to occupy Wall Street.” – Phil Aroneanu, The GameStop saga, I believe, will come to be not only a wonderful Netflix original film (as long…

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Chatter #126 – Lily Francus on GameStop, Shortselling, and r/WallStreetBets

Express VPN 12 Months 35% off!! Lily Francus, of Salience Capital was my guest on today’s show. Lily is the creator of the NOPE chart, Head of Fashion at Salience Capital, former teenager, and definitely not someone giving financial advice. I wanted to get Lily on the show to talk about the GameStop…

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