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Chatter #239 – Kojo Koram on How Britain’s Empire Became A Global Corporate/Financial Empire

There has been a lot of discussion over the past few years about Empire and it’s impact upon the present day, especially with the toppling of the Colston statue and the BLM protests in 2020. However, what is not as often discussed is the financial and corporate legacy left by the British and…

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Chatter #73 – Cuthbert Arutura on Colonialism, Cultural Imperialism, and BLM

My guest on the show today was the artist, musician, and dancer, Cuthbert Arutura. We had a vast conversation covering the legacy of slavery, colonialism (both modern and historic), cultural homogenisation, BLM, and the protests that sprung up after the death of George Floyd. If you haven’t already and you enjoyed this episode,…

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