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Tag: blm

Chatter #73 – Cuthbert Arutura on Colonialism, Cultural Imperialism, and BLM

My guest on the show today was the artist, musician, and dancer, Cuthbert Arutura. We had a vast conversation covering the legacy of slavery, colonialism (both modern and historic), cultural homogenisation, BLM, and the protests that sprung up after the death of George Floyd. If you haven’t already and you enjoyed this episode,…

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Chatter #67 – Matteo Bergamini on Political Literacy, Censorship, and Young People in Politics

Matteo Bergamini, the founder of ShoutOut UK, was our guest on todays show. We had a really great conversation about the importance of teaching political literacy to school children, censorship, the culture war, and giving young people both a voice and the right language to express themselves in politics. If you haven’t already…

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