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Tag: christianity

Chatter #324 – Esther Krakue: How Important Is Religion To Society?

Esther Krakue returns to the show (as promised) to discuss religion, it’s role in society, traditional gender roles, and our lack of attention in society! Esther Krakue is a writer and broadcaster whose work has been featured in the Daily Mail, the Daily Express and Spiked Online. Esther started her career as a…

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Chatter #312 – Inspiring Philosophy on The Resurrection, Violence and Christianity & The End Times

Michael Jones is the host of the Inspiring Philosophy YouTube channel. Michael is a Christian who has devoted his channel to exploring Christianity and the Bible. He’s made videos like “Can Christians Drink Alcohol?” and “Halloween Is Not Sinful”. In this conversation we talked through The Ressurection and the historical evidence surrounding it,…

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