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Tag: creativity

#276 – Alex Schaefer on Painting Burning Banks, Creativity, and Modern Art As A CIA Psy-Op

Alex Schaefer became famous online for his involvement in the Occupy Wall Street movement and his series of paintings of burning banks. He has been arrested for drawing in chalk on the pavement outside of banks and been visited by the police for his paintings of burning banks.  Alex had some really interesting…

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Chatter #76 – Jasper Mafya on Rap and the Belfast Hip-Hop Scene

Jasper Mafya the Belfast-based rapper/hip hop artist was a guest on my show today. Jasper and I were good friends whilst we were at University and we actually recorded his song together. It was great to get to catch up with Jasper and chat to him all about the music he is making…

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Chatter #64 – Katie McQuillan on Creativity and Exporting the Northern Irish Identity

Our guest on today’s show was Katie McQuillan, a photographer and videographer from Belfast Northern Ireland whose work has been chosen by the World Health Organization to front their entire worldwide coronavirus campaign. Katie is also a former classmate of mine so it was a pleasure to catch up and discuss creativity, her…

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Chatter #61 – Richie Prynne on Creativity, Busking and the Breakup of CC Smugglers

Richie Prynne, the former lead singer of CC Smugglers, was our guest on this episode of the show. CC Smugglers broke up at the end of last year after they lost over £20,000 borrowed from Richie’s Dad’s pension fund used to record their last album. They had recouped all the money using the…

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